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Funny chinese knockoffs. Even the best Hollywood set dressers in the biggest budget horror movie can't outdo real life. You wouldn't spend a night in in these places regardless of the number.

Funny chinese knockoffs

Funny chinese knockoffs

How does the iPad charger compare to the iPhone charger? August Learn how and when to remove this template message Mockbusters and ripoffs are often filmed and released outside of the original movie's country. A zero-ohm resistor Safety, or lack thereof Safety probably isn't something you think about when you plug in your charger, but it's important. The Asylum has produced two mockbusters of Alien: These cartoons are characterized by low-budget animation, small voice casts, and character designs that are very similar to equivalent characters in more high-profile movies[ citation needed ]. Flipping the boards over reveals that the circuitry of the genuine Apple charger is much more complex than the counterfeit.

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15 Worst Knockoff Products Ever

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Funny chinese knockoffs

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